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mysql_size_ondisk - Munin plugin that reports the size of the files and
directories in /var/lib/mysql, biggest to smallest.
To correctly count InnoDB tables you should have innodb_file_per_table enabled
in MySQL (good practise anyway), otherwise all InnoDB tables will be counted into
This plugin must be run as the user mysql, to do that append the following
to your /etc/munin/plugins/plugin-conf.d/munin-node:

user mysql

This plugin gives you similar information as mysql_size_all. A difference
is that mysql_size_ondisk is much faster (0.4 seconds vs 14 seconds, on a server
with 170 databases, 26 GB total). Also note that mysql_size_all gives you the net
data size, mysql_size_ondisk gives you the gross storage space used, which may be
much more than your actual data.

Field Internal name Type Warn Crit Info
c c gauge      
ibtmp1 ibtmp1 gauge      
regg regg gauge      
cprog cprog gauge      
trafbgr trafbgr gauge      
vachkov vachkov gauge      
lan lan gauge      
excelsior excelsior gauge      
jojo jojo gauge      
sys sys gauge      
tmp tmp gauge      
stenik stenik gauge      
gbbook gbbook gauge      
asteriskcdrdb asteriskcdrdb gauge      
infsr_slow_log infsr_slow_log gauge      
asterisk asterisk gauge